DAA Stories

What our customers are saying

“…getting in an accident was stressful – your staff made it a non-stressful experience for me. My car was fixed and was ready for pickup, but I did not have a ride to your facility. The lady at the front desk let me keep my car there for an additional two days until I could get a ride. When I showed up, the kind lady addressed me by my first name and went out of her way to make sure everything was correct. The shop crew did a great job repairing my car! They even cleaned the inside of it. My overall experience was great, and I will be sending my friends there.”

Nathan | Spokane, WA

“I brought in our 2003 Expedition this week for detailing, ahead of putting it up for sale. Your folks did an amazing job on a well-worn Ford. The paint has a nice deep shine again to it, the interior work is flawless, and the engine spotless. I have no idea how you did it, but the faded exterior plastic cladding on the doors now again matches the rest of the cladding. I almost didn’t recognize it when I saw it!”

“Kudos to the whole team. I’m recommending your services to everyone I know.”

Tom | Spokane Valley, WA

“DAA’s refinishing is excellent, and their paint matching is unsurpassed.”

Dan | Saint Maries, ID

“My car was done on time and within my budget. DAA’s service and quality exceeded my expectations.”

Jim | Spokane Valley, WA

“I hit a deer, and my pickup’s front end was a mess. The grill, radiator and more has to be replaced. DAA got the parts in really fast, and they fixed it up like new. I happen to be a repeat customer – I go back to DAA because the people are always friendly and the work they do is simply the best.”

Lawrence | Spokane, WA